Open Data Usage Policy

What do we mean by open data?

King Khalid University has provided an open data platform for all users of King Khalid University portal. The purpose was to promote participation and to raise the level of knowledge. Visitors of the portal or those who take advantage of the available services should agree on usage policy in order to be aware of any updates. It is noteworthy that all the open data, which is provided via the portal of the University is for free.

Users of open data:

The KKU allows portal users to access to open data. They also have the right to use this data at their own risk. In addition, the service is provided for free.

Responsibilities of the Data users:

An open data user is responsible for the re-use of data in the portal of the university, and any errors related to the content and to the source of the data and its history should not result in the re-use of this data.

The responsibility of the university:

The KKU is not responsible for any damage or misuse that entities may be exposed to as a result of using data which has been published on the portal of the university. The University does not guarantee the continuity of the availability of this data or of part of it. The university also does not assume any responsibility to the users of these data, and what might fall on them from damage or loss due to re-use.

Terms of Re-use:

  • The user should not distort the data or its source
  • Data should not be used for political purposes or for the support of illegal criminal activity, or in racist commentaries, or rendering them to have negative influence on the culture or equality or incitement, or in any activity that is irregular, or that is contrary to the habits and traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • When using this data, it is a must for the user to hint that the source of this data is the portal of the King Khalid University.  
  • It is a must to point at the source of information that has been reused by placing the portal of the King Khalid University Link to preserve the intellectual property of the data, its credibility, and the validity of the source

 Important note:

Open Data policy is subject to the requirements of all regulations and applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.